We are never afraid for  a challenge ,

and we usually get the job done. Time

is the only enemy in this matter :)

Who we are:

Working as Technician for 15 y,did a master Technician in 98,have worked with Dyno and remap since 94 then mostly oem ecu´s.

prepared Rally&Race cars.

Familier with marques as SAAB/Morgan/Lotus/Lancia/Ferrari/ Jaguar/Porsche Renault  & mostly Turbo car´s etc.......

Currently working as a SubSea service engineer on Control´s systems. In our workshop we rebuild engines & gearboxès new or vintage , damaged engineheads ,broken stud`s etc.

We have experience with

Weight distribution using LongAcre products

This is our kit for distribution.

Long experience with

2WD  Rolling Road service

This is our new DynoMite

For Diagnostic and Remap/adjusting

Long experience with different harness and diagnostic systems.

Custom made connectors from OEM ecu to motec Marelli etc

Wiring harness to custom spec for Engine stand alone system´s